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CERAMICS of the season!

All my creatures are different, each blade of grass is original and each composition has its own character, so it's difficult for me to present a complete catalog for the web.


I am the variations of natural forms and all my pieces are unique. I do not work in series and the photos are examples of achievements to understand the dimensions, characteristics and uses that I suggest.


For special or personalized requests contact me and we will look together for what Nature has to offer!

To choose:

1  Identify the creature, or creatures you like

2  Contact me by email or phone:

We will choose the possible decor or you will trust the potter

and randomly (the one who does things well!)

We will see the availabilities (ready... to enamel... to color... in drying...

to achieve...)

3  You will then receive the magic message telling you that your creatures are ready

4  You will pick them up by appointment at my workshop in Bormes les Mimosas

or at the Domaine Les Fouques boutique in Les Borrels in Hyères

To pay:


1  In line

2  or withdrawal


You want to make a gift, you have thought of my creatures (thank you!) and you want to leave the choice of decoration to the lucky beneficiary (choosing without touching it is rather complicated...) well, opt for the gift card !

in just a few clicks you choose the value of your gift,

you enter your name and email and pay. On my side I receive a notification and send you an email with a nice card that you can print and put in an envelope,

or, if you are in a hurry, you indicate the recipient's email address with a message, and off you go!

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